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Hungarian Deafblind Association

Official Address:
1146 Budapest, Ajtósi Dürer sor 39.
Office: 1053 Budapest, Múzeum krt 3.
Phone./ fax: +361/3612007
Bank Account: K&H Bank Rt.
IBAN: HU52 1040 9015 9011 7325 0000 0000
Tax ID number: 18061031 – 1 – 42

 The Hungarian Deafblind Association was founded in 1994 with the following purposes:

  • to support deafblind children, adults and their families, and provide them with advocacy;
  • to support the integration of deafblind people into the society;
  • to raise public awareness regarding deafblindness as a distinct disability;
  • to contribute to deafblindness-prevention

People living with visual and hearing imparments are considered deafblind, if their dual sensory loss does not allow the use of educational and assistive methods commonly used with visually impaired and hard of hearing/deaf people.

On behalf of the members of the Association:

  • we provide informative and legal consultation;
  • we keep contact with deafblind persons and their families;
  • we provide parents raising deafblind children, other organizations and their professionals with counselling;
  • we organize free time activities, summer camps and meetings for our members;
  • we organize clubs: handicraft and Usher-club, sport activities;
  • we edit and distribute our paper “Szemfüles” and our Newsletter

For the more effective work of ofAssociation we gladly welcome volunteers!

Further information available from:
Zoltán Bodó
co-ordination associate
Phone: +3630/480 9185

How we communicate with deafblind people?

  • with sign language;
  • with deaf finger-alphabet written on the palm;
  • with capital letters written on the palm;
  • with finger Braille (Braille alphabet written on the fingers)fingbreng
  • with “hand to hand” (tactile) sign language;
  • with the Lorm alphabet;
  • with lip-reading;
  • with Tadoma method, that is based on touching the movements of the mouthtadeng

Communicator guide service:

Phone.: +361/3612007

Our interpreters:
Adrienn Ambrus
– sign language interpreter
Viktória Vidákovich – communicator guide and personal assistant
Tel.: +3620/9607409cserveng

Personal Assistence Service

Any member may request personal help in the followingactivites for free:

  • administrative, bureaucratic duties;
  • to support independent living;
  • during medical care;
  • free time activities

Katona Eszter personal assistant
Phone: +3630/4437532

Rehabilitation services:

Elementary rehabilitation:

  • functional vision assessment;
  • pedagogic hearing evaluation, counselling regarding
  • hearing aids;
  • hearing training;
  • vision training;
  • orientation and mobility;
  • activities of daily living;
  • Braille writing and reading
  • alternative communication methods;
  • psychological counselling;
  • computer access training, assistive technology.

Occupational rehabilitation:

  • to retain employment,
  • to enter employment.


  • job opportunities from internet sources, advertisements, employers and regional vocational centres;
  • job-seeking with special assistive technology;
  • resume and motivation letter development, according
  • to the communication abilities of the person;
  • job-seeking club;
  • job-keeping support in order to maintain the efficient
  • co-operation between the employer and employee /ensuring
  • environmental and communication accessibility,
  • informing the employer about the nature of the dual
  • sensory loss/.

If needed, we provide detailed information about public transportlines and routes or personal assistance to our office.


We gladly accept any donation you may wish to make!

K&H Bank Rt.
IBAN: HU52 1040 9015 9011 7325 0000 0000